Be a Hero! Refer a Friend and Get Paid!

Discover how you can help your business owner friends and earn big rewards! Our clients have claimed thousands in ERC credits and referrals make up more than half of our business.


When you refer a friend who owns a business, we pay you a referral fee equivalent to .5% of the gross claim amount upon IRS funding.


With an average claim of $225,000, that's $1,125 in your pocket per referral! Act now and let's all win!

How it Works

After submitting the referral, you and your friend will receive an email from us. Both you and your friend (the business) will be registered in our system.

Once a claim is requested on behalf of your friend's business, we will begin our notification process. 

Your referral fee will be paid when the business receives the ERC and Funders is paid for its services.  

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